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Dear Charlie

Thank you for being such a positive and healthy support to Dan these past months.  I can see a big shift in him.  He's a good man and I'm excited for our next chapter together in sobriety.  I hope you both stay in touch after our move because you were such a great help during our transition.  I've always felt very blessed with my life due to sobriety and recovery.  My prayers were for Dan to also be happy in sobriety and you helped get him there with your support and guidance.  All the best to you in your journey, Patricia.

I was coming back from a slip and met Charlie at an AA meeting in NYC in 2001.  Charlie reached out to me on day 1 and as I watched his daily commitment to service it really rubbed off on me.  In 2016 I was extremely frustrated with the quality of my life and reached out to Charlie on Linked In because he had started an addiction counseling service.  Charlie helped me get through a very tough time in my life by helping me stay sane, sober and healthy through selling my house, changing careers and moving to Nashville.  He helped me get through these huge transitions in a smooth and sober step by step manner.  Thank you Charlie for being there for me, Dan.

I met Charlie on a flight to Vail in March of 1996 which would be the first of many world wide adventures.  I have seen this young man grow into a rock solid pillar of society and community within AA.  He is a trusted confidant and a daily sounding board of good orderly direction and positive action which has enabled me to walk through life with my head held high.  He has always been there for me in any and all situations.  He is more than a friend, he's my best friend.  Charlie thanks for trudging this road of happy destiny with me.  I have had a blast each and every day because you were with me.

You're the Best,





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