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Life Lessons & Objectives

Having suffered with the disease of alcoholism from my early teens, I understand the powers of addiction and it's destruction. It was December of 1995 when my journey of recovery began. I was alone, just trying to survive and stay sober in New York City. It was the darkest of times. And it was during this time of darkness and overwhelming isolation that I learned the true value of a helping, guiding and loving hand. This guiding light, direction and spirit of true recovery came to me through individuals who shared their personal experience of confronting and overcoming the disease of addiction and alcoholism.
As I continued to work and succeed at my recovery, my heart began to feel again, my eyes began to see again and my soul began to live again.  This daily journey has allowed me to experience great triumphs of breaking the pattern of isolation, accepting ones shortcomings and reducing daily drama while developing self-responsibility.  I have learned how to ask for help, increase honesty, forgive oneself, live in gratitude and build healthy and loving relationships. I learned how to smile and rejoice life to its fullest again.  Eliminating self-inflicted problems and living with peace and serenity in all of my affairs became the norm.  Chasing and grasping life with all its beauty is my daily goal. 
Along this wonderful path, I have been granted the opportunity to find and pursue a purpose in life.  My life experiences in and out of recovery allow me the opportunity to help suffering individuals and their families affected by the disease of addiction and alcoholism.

Coaching Experience

My life experiences in and out of recovery allow me the opportunity to help suffering individuals and their families affected by the disease of addiction and alcoholism.  Struggling with addiction on your own is a difficult and lonely existence.  As a person in recovery, I understand what it's like to battle and overcome the triggers, temptations and obstacles that occur during stress filled days of business along with the personal pressures of home.  


My recovery coaching career began as I suffered alone with my disease while working on the floor of the NYSE.  From the very start of my recovery, I began helping individuals get and stay sober one day at a time. Some of the methods we used were self-help strategies and 12 step programs.  These men and women began to take my lead, direction and guidance while reducing their amounts of alcohol and drug intake.  


As my recovery grew so did my ability to help others.  I began to help individuals and families get and stay sober using various tools and coping methods.   Anyone, from the top executive to the mail clerk, suffered from the same common problem of addiction. Together we met these daily temptations of drugs and alcohol and we conquered them one demon at a time. As a personal guide, mentor, coach and confidant of friends, family, peers and strangers over the years gives me the experience, strength and hope that is needed to help the still sick and suffering addicts and alcoholics of today.  Our recovery is based on my belief that Together We Can Accomplish Anything.


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  • CCAR - Recovery Coach Academy
  • The Addictions Academy - Interventions
  • Certified Recovery Peer Advocate Ethics Training
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Medication Assisted Recovery - MARs
  • Medication Assisted Treatment - MATs
Certified Addiction Recovery Coach
Recovery Coach Professional
Nationally Certified Intervention Professional
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