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Covid-19 has our towns, cities, the country and most parts of the world in a self isolating torture chamber. Living with active alcoholism and addiction is a debilitating disease that can spiral out of control very easily during these trying times. The overwhelming sense of impending doom brought about by the constant barrage of negativity has many substance use sufferers drowning and burying their fears with drugs and alcohol. The hourly reminders of the possibility of losing a loved one to this microscopic virus is leading many to drink and drug to excess. Alcoholism and addiction are at their greatest strengths when we are alone, isolated, afraid and depressed. If you find yourself or know someone losing their battle with drinking and drugging, please send them to my Always In Recovery website,Always In Recovery LLCor Psychology Today profile,Charles Della Penna Psychology Today Profileor call me direct at 917-817-2497. Stay Safe.


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